Past & Present Speakers


Dr. Maliha Hashmi is the Executive Director and Head for the Health & Wellbeing at NEOM. Dr. Maliha Hashmi served as the Executive Director for Strategic Partnerships at NEOM. She has also served as an Executive Director, Senior Legal Advisor, Director for Research Programs, Partnerships & Legal, and Legal Consultant for various sectors and globally renowned non-profits organizations, companies, foundations, think tanks, firms, startups, hospitals, research centers, and universities, including but not limited to the Massachusetts General Hospital, Emaar the Economic City, Red Sea Foundation, KFCRIS at the King Faisal Foundation, DLA Piper, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Law School, Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and the United Nations.

She has assisted healthcare and technology startups legally and strategically to develop, grow and become sustainable globally. Dr. Hashmi played a lead role for the United Nation’s Wellbeing efforts for the World Food Program’s Freerice initiative in collaboration with the Harvard Law School’s Berkman Klein Center of Internet & Society. She is an expert in Strategy, Strategic Planning, Healthcare, Food and Drug Law and Education. In a Senior Advisory role, Dr. Hashmi has advised on multiple International Telemedicine initiatives. Dr. Hashmi has globally engaged in strategic partnerships in four continents with eminent scholars and world leaders. Dr. Hashmi is also a CEO of an Educational Consultancy Firm in Bahrain.

Dr. Hashmi received her Doctor of Law & Jurisprudence Degree from Harvard Law School, and her Masters degree in History of Medicine & Ethics from Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Her concentration has been on Healthcare systems, Healthcare law, Public Health Law, Healthcare regulations, and Innovative Health Solutions. Furthermore, she also has a Master’s degree in Systems Design Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Engineering and MIT Sloan School of Management. She has authored various publications in the research, academic and corporate sector. She was listed as one of the Top Twenty College Women in the Nation in United States of America making it into the Who’s Who in America List.


Mr. Jared Elkins is President & CEO of Alitheia Holdings. Born marching to the beat of his own drum and hailing from Dallas TX, Mr. Elkins is a natural entrepreneur with a passion for the web. His career started as an early adopter of the Internet working part-time in web development and SEO in 1996. In ‘99 he went full-time and started working in data; backed by his personal studies of psychology and human behavior, he took the full plunge into everything Internet. In the mid-2000's, his work led him to design his first user data driven AI which ultimately became Sylvanus AI more than a decade later.

In 2011, Mr. Elkins moved into data hygiene and then found cryptocurrency marking a key turning point in his career and life. His natural drive for industry and market solutions inspired him to start a gold-backed coin in 2012 with the idea of creating the first “real” cryptocurrency as seen by the securities world, but it was ultimately nixed by legal counsel as premature, out of bounds of existing law, guidance, and the Department of Treasury in general. Needing to understand this rejection of what seemed to be such a complete solution, Mr. Elkins dove deep into investigating the Securities laws, case law, markets, and players involved concluding that perhaps the world just wasn't quite ready. So he continued with AI, data, and internet work ultimately perfecting his AI, which is modeled after the human hippocampus.

In 2015, Mr. Elkins started investing in cryptocurrency and recognized the massive potential for blockchain to operate and influence both his work and multiple industries, but it just wasn’t materializing. In 2017, he merged his decades of tech expertise, with deep behavioral understanding, to focus his energy, intent, and efforts to create a global market changing movement to better humanity through ultimate transparency and truth.

Over the first nine months of 2018, Mr. Elkins worked tirelessly to design, build, and implement a hedge fund, blockchain, and cryptocurrency unlike any other. This massive project needed to include the highest standard of fiduciary and the most transparent transactional process (borderless; commodity agnostic; asset agnostic; currency agnostic; recorded on the blockchain). His efforts resulted in investors holding a coin that earned interest as well as a variable rate of return based on fund performance, hedge fund sector performance, and project performance. Built in Ethereum, with hard-coded smart contracts that are governed by ratified bylaws; strict adherence to the rules, regulations, and laws governing the US Securities Markets; requiring five keys to "turn" in every investment the fund makes (only in declared sectors), all platform functionality is focused on improving the Human Condition. For this reason, he chose Alitheia as the name for the project and his company, for its derivative meaning of "Truth" in Greek.

Creating a fair and just balance, the Alitheia Fund fills the missing components, answers the pending repetitive questions, and provides a complete solution to the blockchain community. The Alitheia Ethos: "Our mission is to decentralize commerce, currency and communication, based on truth and transparency."


Dr. Amit Kumar is CEO and President of Eminent Physicians LLC. He is an eminent cardiologist and has been serving as Chairman and Chief Medical Officer of Cardiovascular Institute of America. Under his leadership, Eminent Physicians has launched human genome based, personalized preventive Health Care Plan serving the Middle East population. He is a well published author, eloquent speaker and has significant work in preventive Medicine. He has received several awards in the area of preventive medicine and cardiology.


Ms. Tuba Terekli started her business career as an entrepreneur at the age of 14. She later moved on to a teaching career for years in private schools, and at home, while finishing college. She utilized her self-taught business skills to get recruited into Saudi Aramco's core business in 2003 and became exposed to the dynamics of international business. This was the true catalyst whereby her life's aim was to become an international executive.

Her learning propelled her to the first international hospital commissioning in Saudi Arabia when International Medical Center was partnering with Cleveland Clinic. She served as a founding team member in the marketing and hospitality departments as director. She had additional training in Ohio and then attended the launch of the Abu Dhabi Cleveland Clinic when it was first announced by Dr. Cosgrove, the then CEO.

Later she moved her commissioning knowledge to become the Chief Strategist for the first healthcare real-estate development firm. Subsequently, she was appointed as project manager of the first long-term care facility in Saudi Arabia, as well as the first healthcare hotel project.

Through her knowledge about commissioning and wanting to be at the point and time where innovation is taking place, cemented her passion to pursue entrepreneurship. As a result, she became a key supporter of the Saudi Fast Growth 100 initiative (Now Arabia 500), and decided to become the entrepreneur that supports people to become entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia.

That led to a short career path at NCB which led to exploring entrepreneurship in many different regions of KSA. Meeting with Dr. Ghassan AlSulaiman, and together in a partnership, they formed Qotuf. It became the first entrepreneurship foundation from the private sector in Saudi Arabia. As its main founder and CEO, Ms. Terekli built the first tech accelerator of Saudi Arabia Flat6LabJeddah; the first tech investors network; and the first tech mentors network which, to date, has incubated 43 tech companies, of which over 60% have received post investments.

These opportunities generated many country-wide initiatives working with ministers, heads of chambers, deans of universities/colleges, and venture capital houses to build a local ecosystem that meets the expectations and needs of Saudi entrepreneurs, as the Co-Founder and CEO of Qotuf. By holding local and international events, Ms. Terekli became the host of Global Entrepreneurship week which has linked 173 countries with entrepreneurs of all ages, backgrounds and industries, ultimately mentoring and supporting them by matchmaking with angel investors. As a result, many international agreements have been signed.

Ms. Terekli is currently serving the role of World Business Angels Forum, Saudi Arabia High Commissioner; Advisor to Sh. Tarek Abdulrahman Fakieh; Advisor to the Governor of SME authority Saudi Arabia; BOD member for SEDCO investments; and, partner/investor/mentor in various startups globally.

Ms. Terekli holds a BSC in Computer Science and Engineering from King Abdulaziz University; an MBA from University of Liverpool, and various executive degrees from Harvard, Stanford, and George Washington University. She was also part of the Goldman Sachs and US State Department program in 2016. In light of all her accomplishments, her greatest achievements are a great supporting husband, four wonderful kids and a cat that rules the house!

Prof. Khawla Al-Kuraya (MD FCAP, Professor of Pathology, Director, Research centre, kfnccc, king faisal specialist hospital and research centre)

Prof. Khawla Al-Kuraya is a distinguished Physician-Scientist and the Director of the Research Centre at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

After completing her Pathology residency and fellowship in Molecular Diagnostics from Georgetown University Hospital, and obtaining her board certification in Clinical Pathology, she joined the Research Centre at King Faisal as a Clinical Scientist.

Prof. Al-Kuraya is a leader in the field of cancer genomic research and widely known as Translational Scientist whose work bridges the laboratory and clinical settings. She has focused on identifying molecular signature of common Saudi tumors utilizing recent technologies in the cancer genetic field.

Under Prof. Al-Kuraya’s leadership, the Research Centre of KFSH has become the only member from the Middle East in International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) which aims to identify the molecular abnormalities in more than 50 types of cancers. She has produced numerous research articles published in various scientific journals across the world. An author of over 120 original research articles, editorials, review articles, book chapters and 300 abstracts, she appeared in a number of media coverages showcasing diverse achievements in the field of cancer research.

Prof. Al-Kuraya’s professional memberships include the American Association for Cancer Research, College of American Pathologist and the American Society of Human Genetics. She is on the Executive Committee of ICGC and simultaneously serves on several editorial boards.

Prof. Al-Kuraya is the first Saudi female recipient of the prestigious “First Rank King Abdulaziz Medal” for her pioneering initiatives in cancer research.

In 2013, Prof. Khawla Al-Kuraya was appointed by His Royal Highness King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia as one of the first women to be a member of the Majlis Al Shura Council (Inter-Parliamentary Union) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Prof. Al-Kuraya has been recognized for her innumerable endeavors such as the Physician Award for Research by Harvard Medical School Dubai Center (HMSDC) Tamayoz Award 2007, WOW 2013 Award on Science, Research & Technology – New Arab Women Forum (NAWF) and Sayidaty Award 2017 for Medical and Science. In 2018, she was awarded the First Prize in Women Pioneers in Health Science Research Award by the Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University. She is likewise a consistent awardee in the annual meetings of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre based on her Scientific and Significant Achievements in Research.