About SAHF


The 2020 Saudi-American Healthcare Forum will challenge business leaders, educators, and industry professionals from the Arab world and the United States to bolster and promote U.S. and Arab initiatives and solutions that are focused on strengthening bilateral relations based on "healthcare diplomacy." Additionally, a separate and equally important objective of this Forum is to provide the knowledge of how best to navigate the kingdom's ample commercial opportunities to promote a better and healthier life style through productive public-private partnerships.


Biomedical and public health experts credit two major factors in the ongoing advancement of healthcare in the Middle East: The enormous strength and significant improvements of its basic healthcare services and a major push to attract expertise from outside borders to build its healthcare systems. For these reasons, about 99% of children live to be at least 5 years old. As of 2016, life expectancy is now over 76 years. These outcomes are a result of focusing on general wellness as opposed to just treating illnesses.


Solving the complex, multi-faceted issues facing the global healthcare sector
 require collaboration, innovation and partnership. Human and financial resources are needed to build the hospitals and infrastructure needed to deliver healthcare services that are properly and adequately staffed to meet changing disease burdens. Technologies must be designed and harnessed to foster research and innovation while providing products and services that are effective yet affordable. What role can healthcare, government and the private sector play to support economic development. Answers to these challenges are being tested on the world-wide stage and finding success through collaboration, innovation, and partnerships in healthcare and other sectors in the global economy.


This forum will identify the major healthcare challenges facing the US and Arab populations and discuss how we can work together to find realistic solutions based on bilateral collaboration/knowledge transfer.


This forum will be drawing investors from Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley to identify and invest in the top Saudi healthcare startups. We will be showcasing pre seed and seed stage companies at this forum to heighten foreign investment in KSA.


This forum will highlight and discuss emerging technologies in the healthcare sector and the way deep tech in healthcare is playing a role in the 4th industrial revolution and the rapidly growing startup ecosystem.

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